ARELIS - Group strategy

ARELIS group was created from the merge of MEUSONIC and SERICAD, both being SME's specialized in electronics. This merger was driven by the necessity to increase our technical and technological scope and competencies, in order to broaden our technical capability in a competitive worldwide environment.

ARELIS's area of expertise

  • Digital and analog electronic
  • RF and microwave, RFID
  • Power conversion
  • Test and measurement

Global offer

  • On specification electronic product and sub-system
  • Manufacturing offer in electronic and integration
  • Hardware and software
  • Product offering and innovative solutions

Main strategic directions

  • Reinforce our customer support in order to develop partnerships in their industrial activities, R&D and manufacturing. We offer a range of technical competencies, technical support and product life-cycle management
  • Diversify our activities in dynamic markets, by increasing innovation, designing new products and complete solutions. Our strategy is to reinforce partnership with other SME's, nationally and internationally.
ARELIS Group strategy is to grow its presence in its traditional markets (Defence and Aeronautic) and to diversify into other industrial sectors including transport, energy, telecommunication and medical.

Organic and external growth

  • ARELIS's objective is to grow and become a Medium Size Enterprise by acquisition of innovative SME's with international foot prints.

Technical and industrial coherence

strategy of Arelis
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