By building on its experience acquired through major programs for significant players in the aeronautical field, ARELIS has demonstrated its ability to develop important integrated technological elements.
As one of many examples, the Rafale is a project involving the upgrade of a number of Mirages 2000 jets, helicopters and the reconfiguration of air traffic management and surveillance. The reliability, availability and the robustness of the equipment are crucial parameters in aeronautics and space; elements that ARELIS addresses perfectly in the development and implementation of microwave modules in clean rooms, such as noise amplifiers, vector modulators and frequency converters. With more than 30 years experience in the production of electronic subsystems for aerospace and aeronautics, ARELIS strives to offer optimal service to these industries for which the quality and reliability of equipment throughout the life cycle of systems is paramount.
Aeronautical and space systems constantly demand greater autonomy by reducing energy consumption and seeking to miniaturize components, such as drones. Today, ARELIS is a primary partner for innovation and viable sustainability.
In order to address an increasing demand for connectivity, intelligence and multifunctionality of embedded communication systems such as IFC (In Flight Connectivity), ARELIS continuously invests in new technologies such as solid state, radio software (SDR) and the miniaturization of components.

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