Product conception

For more than 30 years, the ARELIS group has successfully forged its expertise around multi disciplinary skills in high technology fields, enabling it to offer its customers a complete range of services in design, industrialization and production of electronic subsystems in all sectors of industry.
Its mechatronic design, industrialization, production and integration capabilities allow it to be a privileged partner in carrying out all or part of a project; from the specification phase to production and into the entire product life cycle.


ARELIS has set out a process that defines all actions carried out during the development of a new product or subsystem. These include:

– pure design work (simulation, block diagram design, detailed circuit design, software programming, mechanical and thermal design
– control tasks (TBF calculation, component validation) or development tasks
– mandatory collective reviews (design review)
– development documentation

The project management has all the flexibility to adapt this process to the customer’s own requirements.The process follows a methodology based on the V-model principle. It can be supplemented by additional tasks related to specific methodologies, such as DO 254/178 in aeronautics.


ARELIS’ core competence is radio frequency/microwave. For nearly 30 years, the company has developed a strong expertise in radio and microwave signal processing, detection and communications applications.
In parallel, ARELIS has reinforced its expertise with key skills in power electronics,  energy conversion, digital (control-command, digital signal processing), mechanical (mechatronics) and electromechanical engineering, electromagnetic compatibility, test and measurement.


The experience acquired by our R&D teams in the development of solutions adapted to all or part of an RF or microwave channel allows us today to reach a level of performance and competence recognized by our customers.

Microwave up to 50GHz
– Production
– Microwave design
– Micro-packaging & CMS technology
– Design of RF test benches & simulators
Design of active and passive components
– DC to 50GHz
– Amplifiers, switches, filters, mixers, oscillators, attenuators, multiplexers, combiners, modulators, phase shifters and more.



The solutions used in the design and construction of frequency subsystems are based on several technologies: surface-mounted components (SMD), special cabling methods and micro-packaging.

With long-standing experience and high-performance industrial resources, ARELIS harnesses the technologies of electronic board and microelectronic modules assembly and integration. The latest technologies – GaN, SiC, GaAs, MMICs, Multi Chip Module (MCM), chip integration in substrates, etc. – are developed and integrated in ARELIS’ solutions.

The digital boards developed by ARELIS also use the latest multilayer PCB manufacturing and component assembly technologies (SMD, micro BGA, QFP, QFN, chip on board…).


Product life cycle

At ARELIS, "Built to Specification" corresponds to a very precise definition:

- A global offer of solutions between partners:

  • Binding for both parties
  • Explicit in terms of intellectual and industrial property rights
  • Providing customers with secure guarantees
  • Ongoing support during product operation
- The global offer by ARELIS places at the customer's disposal its skills and capabilities concerning:
  • Design and production
  • Industrialization
  • Logistical support and maintenance
  • Monitoring and industrial support
  • Technological innovation

Regardless of the application to be designed or developed ARELIS is highly adaptable and up to date with the newest technologies – these include radars, fighter planes, drones or connected objects etc.

Detection and monitoring Communications and transmission ENERGY CONVERSION AND MANAGEMENT TEST AND SIMULATION
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