ARELIS works with many industrial companies, laboratories, schools and universities. These partnerships aim to provide them with additional skills and capabilities in order to provide more attractive solutions. Technical and technological innovation is the major focus on which ARELIS has built a growth strategy with a rise in the value chain.

While having the benefit of experienced internal resources and effective research resources, which allow it to pursue its research and development activities, ARELIS broadens its range of actions by forging stronger relationships with innovative companies and start-ups.

With an extremely rapid development, they invent tomorrow's innovations and find at Arelis technical and industrial means, offering them the opportunity to grow more efficiently and quicker.

ARELIS is a founding associate member of NADTEK SAS (Department of Higher Education of Normandy), a group gathering Normandy companies whose objective is to propose a global technical-industrial solution.


ARELIS is an authorized distributor of BEL POWER, ECTRON, and National-Instruments Solutions.
In the field of energy conversion, ARELIS distributes BEL-POWER products.
Therefore, ARELIS is expanding its capacity to meet standard and specific customer's requirements (VAR: Value Added Reseller).

In the field of test & measurement, ARELIS has a standard product offering through the ECTRON brand

ARELIS is a partner of National-Instruments (, particularly in the field of microwave testing.


ARELIS builds its strategy on two axis:
- Development of its complete technical-industrial offer (R & D, production)
- Technological innovation
Hence, ARELIS has an active participation in several national and regional support organizations. Strongly involved in security, defense and aeronautics, ARELIS is a DGA's SME Defense Pact partner, GIFAS Aéro-PME committee office member. ARELIS also participates in several competitiveness clusters, as part of collaborative projects.
In Normandy, ARELIS is an aeronautics & defense sector NAE (Normandy AeroEspace) member.

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