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ARELIS possess an industrialization structure that bridges R&D and the manufacturing teams. The primary objective is to take into account the right rules from the very first design phase, in order to anticipate the beneficial choices in terms of sourcing, process and testing and minimize production costs.
The industrialization of a product is a major component of a “Built to Specification” project, and requires the management of technical and industrial risks and places prototype production as an essential activity at ARELIS.
The industrialization process, which involves all the technical members of the company, designers, design office, methods, purchasing, production, quality revolves around three main activities:
– Design to Cost (DTC)
– Design for Manufacturing (DFMA)
– Design for Testability (DFT)
In the field of mechatronics, power components or connected objects, ARELIS places its resources and its technical and industrial means at the disposal of the client in order to produce prototypes prior to mass production. This allows for support in a pre-series production and validation of the fabrication/test process before the industrial transfer


ARELIS has a unique industrial capability, offering four levels of integration, from the connectorized microelectronic component to the complete electronic subsystem.

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ARELIS continuously strives for improvement of its manufacturing processes, based in particular on the principles of Lean Manufacturing. Traceability monitoring and quality control at all stages, are applied to the entire production process.

Regardless of the application to be designed or developed ARELIS is highly adaptable and up to date with the newest technologies – these include radars, fighter planes, drones or connected objects etc.

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